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Clare Dinnocenti

Brief Bio

Clare Dinnocenti has a diverse business background: early in 1990 she participated in a start up company developing On-line Transaction Processing which was the beginning of on-line banking. Her background at the time was consulting for entrepreneurial new companies specializing in computer integration, credit authorization hardware, and transaction software development.  She was never technically trained except on the job, in fact, her formal training does not include a college degree.  She earned many college credits but never matriculated.


Prior to her retirement in 2013, Clare was a Lead Quality Assurance Engineer in a leading DC Beltway technology company.  She was responsible for bringing technical teams into a certified ISO 20000 environment and guiding them through annual audits to keep these certifications.  She was responsible for assisting engineers in writing processes and procedures for their specialty, determining and correcting gaps and adjusting the processes accordingly.


In the 1980s, Clare was a single mother of three working as a temporary.  When doing the invoices for one of her clients, she saw that the temp agency was getting ten percent off the top of her labors.  She asked her client if she could bypass the agency and his response changed her life.  He told her, business only does business with businesses.  She formed a corporation—Positive Image Incorporated and began finding her own clients.  Her productivity and ‘can do’ attitude gave her a very good living and incredible experience.


Clare has also worked for IBM Corporation, Visa International, CACI Incorporated and many, many startups and established companies as a consultant through Positive Image.

                                                                                Lizbeth Francisco, Noteworthy, Inc.

I am certain that you have never visited Fresagrandinaria, Italy.  That is a little town in Abruzzo where my parents had their childhoods.

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