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Beauty, wealth, and privilege, but where is happiness?



Authored by Clare Dinnocenti


Sheila McQuirk Boyton is beautiful, rich, and spoiled, having grown up with a father who has made sure she’s always gotten whatever she wants.


But when her real-estate-mogul father dies, she suddenly finds herself on her own and without his vast influence. When her young husband passes away unexpectedly, she seeks—and finds—a suitable replacement in Brett Boyton—even though he’s already engaged.


Sheila gets her man, but she isn’t convinced of her new spouse’s commitment and hires a hit man to kill her nemesis—and his former fiancée—Laura Dennis. But things don’t go quite as planned, and Laura’s lover, Kevin, gets wind of Sheila’s nefarious scheme. As Sheila and Laura work out their next moves, a mysterious cold case involving the lead poisoning of a ten-year-old boy resurfaces.


Are they are all connected? Will Sheila succeed with her ultimate goal?


In the vein of Robert B. Parker and Robyn Carr, Unquenchable is an intricate mystery surrounding desperate, everyday souls searching for happiness the best way they can.


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